Salt Lake City 16" Pipeline
From: Frontier Pipeline (near Evanson, Wyoming)
To: Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: Approximately 93 miles

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Project Overview / Pipeline Safety
Pipeline Safety
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, pipelines are by far the safest way to transport petroleum products and are recognized as the most economical way of distributing vast quantities of products from production fields to refineries and from refineries to consumers.

During operation and construction, the safety of our employees, contractors and the communities is our highest priority.  Plains Pipeline designs, installs, tests, operates and maintains our pipelines to meet or exceed regulatory standards.

All contractors working for Plains Pipeline will be required to meet or exceed OSHA and DOT requirements.  All contractors are reviewed extensively before being authorized to work on Plains’ pipelines.

Contractors are required to hold daily tailgate safety meetings and provide the public and their employee’s protection from the hazards associated with the project. 

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